About us

About Us

Bold Bargain / Lobang Shop is Singapore based community oriented, environmentally conscious marketplace

All the products carefully curated. Unlike other marketplaces, we have "Zero Tolerance" for counterfeit products.
Our priority is to serve community. Encourage sustainable practices. While we care about quality and integrity we
say no to all products that are made of slave labour or unethically produced. We do not sell any products made by destroying environment and causing suffering the animals.

For brand new products our main source is end of season surplus. Unfortunately excessive consumerism and aggressive marketing practices drives more than enough production. We carefully assess surplus integrity and put on sale at very affordable price. We give warranty for everything we sell. Our other sources for our merchandise used and refurbished products. We carefully source such products test them thoroughly. Repair them if necessary.

Continuation of our business became possible because of our smart and environmentally conscious customers. We treat our customers part of our precious community. Therefore our primary focus is customer satisfaction